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Tailwind Nutrition Bottles

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    Smooth Flowing

    Posted by Ultra Pirate on 28th Dec 2017

    Smooth flow and no plastic taste. Everything I want in a bottle.

  • 5
    Perfect Size for Stick Packs

    Posted by Jerry Bloom on 31st Oct 2017

    This bottle is perfect for race days when you need nutrition but dont have time to hang around at aid stations. Fill with water, dump in a stick packs, and away you go!

  • 5
    clean taste

    Posted by doug on 21st Aug 2017

    Awesome bottle with no residue or after taste no matter what you put in it.

Tailwind Nutrition Bottles


Blow away the competition with a Tailwind logo on your bottle! How else will you tell the difference between Tailwind and water? Choose from the ultra-pure Specialized Purist or the long-time standard Big Mouth bottles.

Specialized Purist 26oz Bottle

As pure as drinking from a glass - with all the advantages of a flexible bottle.

The 769ml/26oz Tailwind branded Specialized Purist Hydroflo bottle is infused with a silicon dioxide coating, forming a glass-like barrier that prevents odors, stains, and mold from permanently attaching to the inside surface of the bottle. Your bottle stays clean and your Tailwind tastes awesome.

Silicon dioxide a naturally occurring element common in fruits and vegetables. It’s added to the polymer structure of the inner surface of the bottle, forming a protective glass-like barrier that prevents odor, taste, stains, and mold from permanently attaching to the inside surface of the bottle.

Specialized Big Mouth 21 and 24oz Bottle

The Tailwind branded Specialized Big Mouth bottle has long been the standard that all bottles are compared to. You'll appreciate the ice cube friendly top, soft on the teeth poppet and easy-squeeze textured grip. Plus, it has the Tailwind logo on a cool slant to help with aerodynamics. 710ml/24oz and 620ml/21oz sizes.

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