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Replenish, Rebuild And Rehydrate With Rebuild Recovery Drink

Tailwind Rebuild Recovery Drink is the first sport recovery drink based on a patent-pending perfectly complete protein. We start with organic rice protein, and supplement it with amino acids to make that protein complete. Then we add carbohydrates, some healthy fats from coconut milk, and just the right amount of electrolytes. Nothing repairs your muscles more efficiently, restores your energy faster, and makes you feel better sooner. And athletes love the great tasting healthy vegan ingredients.

  • Replenish glycogen stores: contains the right kinds and amounts of carbohydrates to restore your energy after a hard workout
  • Rebuild muscles: perfectly complete protein based on a patent-pending mathematical model to rebuild damaged muscle tissue and mitochondrial protein
  • Rehydrate and restore electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to restore electrolyte balance
Usage Of Rebuild Recovery Drink

Mix a serving of Tailwind Rebuild with 16oz (500mL) of water. Drink within the first 30 minutes after exercise. For longer or more intense workouts, follow with another packet of Tailwind Rebuild in the following 30 minutes.

Natural Ingredients and Organic Flavors

Vanilla: Non-GMO Dextrose, Non-GMO Sucrose, Non-GMO Coconut Milk Powder, Essential Amino Acids (L-Leucine, LLysine, L-Valine, L-lsoleucine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Histidine, L-Tryptophan), Non-GMO Organic Rice Protein Powder, Sea Salt, Potassium Chloride, Organic Vanilla Flavor, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide

Chocolate: Non-GMO Dextrose, Non-GMO Sucrose, Non-GMO Coconut Milk Powder, Essential Amino Acids (L-Leucine, LLysine, L-Valine, L-lsoleucine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Histidine, L-Tryptophan), Non-GMO Organic Rice Protein Powder, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide

Non-GMO/Gluten free/vegan/no soy/no dairy

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  • 5
    It's my post long run go to

    Posted by Leslie Lubaczewski on 24th May 2021

    My nickname for Tailwknd Rebuild is 'Miracle In a Pouch'. It really makes a difference in how quickly I recover from a long run. After my first ultra marathon, I hadn't yet discovered Tailwind Recovery. The next morning, I had a horrible race hangover. I noticed a single serving stick of vanilla Rebuild that Tailwind had included as a free sample with my last endurance fuel order. In desperation I mixed it with water and drank it down. Shortly after, I began to feel better. That's how it earned its nickname. I cannot recommend it enough!

  • 5
    Tastes great!

    Posted by Andrew Hill on 15th May 2021

    I’m spurred to write this review after trying the GU Rocktane recovery mix. That stuff is funky. I didn’t realize how good Tailwind was until I compared it to something else. I’ll be getting more of this stuff once I can manage to use the up the GU mix.

  • 5
    Treat yourself don't cheat yourself

    Posted by Lise on 23rd Apr 2021

    This rebuild recovery in chocolate flavor is such a treat after a long run. I have dairy issues so can't go the traditional chocolate milk route and this is perfect to get quick recovery started. It tastes great and really makes you feel better fast.

  • 5
    Recovery drink

    Posted by Damon Smith on 13th Apr 2021

    I've been using this product for 3 years, and have always found it to work well. I'm sensitive to whey protein along with a lot of other proteins used in drink mixes, but I don't have a problem with the protein in Tailwind (probably because it's a rice-based protein, which is what my pediatrician wife tells me they use in baby products because sensitivity to it is so rare). The quality is always good, it stores for a long time and mixes well. Best of all, it doesn't fill me up so I can recover with this, then eat a regular meal whenever I want. Great product, I plan to keep using it for a long time.

  • 5
    Rebuild Recovery Chocolate

    Posted by Jeff Windham on 28th Mar 2021

    It's awesome having a chocolate flavored recovery drink that's not nasty!!

  • 5
    Rebuild Recovery Chocolate

    Posted by Karen on 25th Mar 2021

    Mixes quickly and completely, tastes great, no tummy troubles

  • 5
    Chocolate Rebuild

    Posted by Jeff Spurlin on 23rd Mar 2021

    Great stuff! mixed in easily even though I was mixing it up at about 42 degrees outside during an all-night run! Helped give me a recovery boost at about the 28 mile point and then recover after the race as well. Good taste and not chalky or gritty.

  • 5
    Chocolate Rebuild

    Posted by David Wilson on 21st Mar 2021

    Love this flavor by itself or mixed with vanilla and/or a banana.

  • 5
    Protein Drink of My Dreams

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2021

    This drink is everything I've been looking for! I am very lactose intolerant, and most recovery drinks are whey based (so, lactose on lactose). But this one is vegan, tastes AMAZING, and has a bunch of protein. I mix mine with soy milk and it's so good. All the flavors are super good, I put a squeeze of honey in the coffee and vanilla flavor. I look forward to my Tailwind recovery drink for my entire workout. And beyond tasting great, it works! My muscles feel much better the next day than they did when I was using nothing or other vegan recovery options.

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