Problem Solved

Problem Solved

For Athletes by Athletes

Like you, we’ve suffered through upset stomachs (and worse), cramps, undrinkable tastes, and juggling drinks, gels, pills, and chews. Nutrition should be simple to use and get the job done so you can focus on going fast. That’s why we created Tailwind, made for endurance athletes by endurance athletes.

Complete Energy and Electrolytes

Tailwind’s potent energy and electrolytes are all you need to go all day. No juggling gels, pills, or chews—just pour, shake, and go.

Most drinks require you to supplement calories and don’t contain anywhere near the electrolytes needed to replace what you sweat out. Tailwind’s fuel can meet your complete calorie needs, and sipping it regularly gives you steady energy all day. Tailwind also has a full complement of electrolytes that mimic the composition and proportions of sweat, so you don't have to take separate electrolyte pills to make up for what's not in your drink.

Easy on Your Gut

We've been there. Nothing is worse than training hard for an event only to have it all undone by a stomach tied up in knots. Surprisingly, many drinks contain ingredients that can slow or even stop digestion. Not Tailwind. Tailwind’s fuel digests easily and absorbs quickly, so it’s very unlikely to upset your stomach.

Most people’s digestion slows down and becomes less efficient during a workout. Protein consumed during exercise is often the culprit in stomach shutdown because it’s a complex molecule that stresses the digestive system. Complex sugars (also known as slow-burn or long-chain) can also lead to that full stomach feeling. Tailwind’s dextrose fuel is a form of clean glucose (the fuel that powers muscles and essential organs). It minimizes digestive effort and enters your system quickly, avoiding the stomach pile up that complex sugars and protein can cause.

Tasty All Day

From “pancake batter” to sickly sweet, most drink flavors on the market are tough to take on a long day. Tailwind’s mild flavors are just sweet enough to keep you sipping, but not so sweet you get sick of it.

Hydration-Pack Friendly

Finally, a drink you can use in a hydration pack. Tailwind dissolves completely on contact with water and cleans up with just a quick rinse of water. No film, no gooey mess.

But Don’t I Need Protein?

The truth is protein is a leading cause of stomach problems for endurance athletes, which is reason enough not to use it during exercise. Recent studies show no significant endurance difference between carb-only and carb-protein drinks. There is also some evidence that protein is broken all the way down to sugar during exercise instead of being used to rebuild muscles or prevent fatigue (a process that costs more calories than it delivers). Joe Friel references current scientific literature on protein in this interesting post. Another article discussing protein and its role in endurance athletes' diet is here.