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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available at any retail stores?

Click here to see retail stores by location. If you would like to see Tailwind carried locally, just have your favorite store contact us at We’d be happy to set them up!

I live outside the USA, can you ship internationally?

Absolutely. We can ship individual orders for individual use to anywhere in the world. Please see the shipping options during the checkout process for details on your country.

Why was Tailwind created and how is it different from other sports drinks?

Well, it all started with our being endurance athletes and doing what some folks call “crazy long events” like the Leadville 100, Paris-Brest-Paris, RAAM qualifiers, etc. The first couple of hours always seemed to go well, but 4-6 hours into a race or weekend adventure, our stomachs would revolt, our legs would cramp up, and we’d get what we call the “gag reflex” because drinks were too sweet to keep on drinking. So Jeff sat down, did a ton of research, formulated a drink, ran it by some gastroenterologists, started using it for himself, and before we knew it we were burning out our Kitchenaid making it for friends. Fast forward a couple of years later and here we are!

To understand how we are different from other drinks, check out Why Tailwind.

How much is a scoop (single serving)?

Ack! You just opened your bag and can’t find the scoop. Or, you’ve ordered the single packs, which don’t come with a scoop. Never fear, here’s the answer. A standard scoop is 27g or 35cc, which equates to .95oz or 2.4 tablespoons. Each scoop is 100 calories.

How long will Tailwind stay fresh?

Tailwind has a shelf life of about 2 years. Once added to water, a good rule of thumb is to treat it like juice. After mixing, it's best to drink it within a day (even if it’s warm it tastes pretty good). If mixed and then kept in the fridge it will stay good for about a week. You will know when you have let it hang around in your bottle too long, it will smell a little bit funky and you'll think you have started a science experiment.

How much Tailwind should I be drinking?

What’s important to understand is that even though you may be burning 500+ calories/hour, your body physiologically can only process 200-300 calories per hour. So, in general, we recommend starting off with 200-300 calories/24oz of water/hour for 2+ hour workouts, and 100-200 calories/24oz of water/hour for activities less than 2 hours. Listen to your body. If you are feeling hungry dial up the amount of calories, if feeling overly satiated/full, dial it back. The right amount may also vary based on the conditions (think temperature and humidity) and length and your intensity (how long, how hard, how far). When it’s hotter than your usual training temperature, keep the same calorie rate per hour, but increase water to thirst.

Racing Tips

  • Eat a substantial breakfast 2+ hours before your event with carbs, fat, and some protein.
  • Sip Tailwind before the start to top off glycogen stores and electrolyte levels. Pre-load with up to a full bottle if drinking during your event will be hard.
  • Sip regularly during the event and keep your hourly calorie target in mind.
  • Tailwind is excellent to rebuild glycogen stores during the critical window for recovery immediately post-exercise.
  • After rebuilding glycogen stores, have a nice meal with protein for faster recovery or use Tailwind Rebuild, our new recovery drink.

Wow, Tailwind mixes totally clear? How do I tell the difference from water?

Yep. Tailwind mixes totally clear because it doesn’t contain any artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives. It’s 100% natural. To tell the difference, give it the “sniff test”, or just get one of our awesome Tailwind bottles.

Does Tailwind contain Wheat/Gluten/Soy/Dairy?

Nope. Tailwind is free of wheat, gluten, soy and dairy.

Tips from Customers

Lemon-Berry is the BOMB! Your kids will love it for soccer, football, swimming, etc. Have a little too much fun? Down a glass to fix a hangover. Tailwind + Soda Stream = awesome. Try it hot backcountry skiing. Add your favorite tea or EmergenC to Naked. Makes an awesome “clear liquid” for medical procedures!

Where can I buy Tailwind?

You can always order direct from the website, or visit our Stores page.

What are your shipping and return policies?

Shipping: All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day unless UPS is selected. We offer UPS Three Day Select, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air. Orders are processed and shipped Monday-Saturday with the exception of holidays recognized by USPS and UPS. USPS orders placed before 11:00 AM MST ship the same day. UPS orders placed before 3:00 MST ship the same day. UPS orders do not ship or deliver on Saturdays. Tracking information is sent once the order is packed and labeled. If your order is time sensitive, please place a note in the comments section.

Keeping it personal: Each order includes a handwritten note and the customer's name on the bag. Need some extra motivation? Leave a note in the comments section and our shipping department will send good vibes and some extra love!

Return Policy: We strive for 100% happiness with all Tailwind Nutrition purchases. We believe in our products and if you’re unhappy with one of our products, it’s important to us to understand why. Our goal is to work with you to find a solution to help you achieve your goals! If you are not completely happy with any items purchased from our website, email us at and include your order number along with any additional details. For damaged product, please provide high quality photos that clearly show the damage. Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds or returns for Amazon or in-store purchases.

If your purchase was more than 90 days ago and/or your product is expired, we are unable to process a refund. If your purchase was less than 90 days ago, we will gladly work with you to arrange a refund or store credit depending on the situation. Original shipping fees are non-refundable and in some cases you will be required to incur the cost of return shipping. We do not issue refunds or store credit for returned product until the return is received. Refunds are processed within 24 hours of receiving the product back to our facility.