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At the Leadville 100

That’s me after finishing my first Leadville 100 more than 10 years ago. A full-feeling stomach during the race and “re-experienced” breakfast from 13 hours earlier were pretty strong clues that something was amiss with my nutrition. Over the next several years, I tried just about every product on the market and couldn't find anything that just worked. I also discovered that other athletes shared my problems: stomach issues, cramping, unpalatable flavors, and complex regimens of drinks, gels, pills, and chews.

Fixing the Problems

Fed up with training for 6 months only to feel bad on race day, I set out to create a fuel that is easy to use all day and solves the nutrition problems. I called the solution Tailwind, and it was my secret weapon for a while. But friends soon caught on, and I started sharing it with fellow Leadville racers and testing with athletes in other sports. Their feedback and requests for more were so positive that I was burning out the KitchenAid motor. 

I love hearing from athletes who have struggled with nutrition and are having good success with Tailwind. Their enthusiasm convinced me we have something to share and could help many more athletes by launching Tailwind Nutrition. Cyclists, runners, XTERRA racers, XC skiers, triathletes, soccer players, hikers, and more have tested it extensively with strong results. I hope you'll give Tailwind a try and share your story with us!

Let’s go!

Jeff, Tailwind founder