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Tailwind Endurance Fuel


Description and Reviews

All you need, all day. Really.

Tailwind mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

Supplemental Facts
  • Complete calories, electrolytes, and hydration: Ditch the gels, chews, and pills, and go all day with just Tailwind.
  • No gut bombs: Stomach problems? You’ll love Tailwind. Unless you enjoy being doubled over, retching.
  • Tasty all day: Clean, light flavors taste better the longer you go.
  • Hydration pack love: Dissolves on contact with water and cleans up with a quick rinse. No film, aftertaste or science experiments!
  • All natural: Crystal clear with no dyes, preservatives or 4-syllable magical ingredients.


Each serving is 100 calories. For endurance workouts, mix 2-3 scoops per 24 oz of water per hour. Adjust to your personal calorie needs during training, using hunger as a guide. When it’s dialed in, you’ll feel satisfied and energetic, not hungry or full. On hot days, keep the same calories per hour, but increase water. To use in combo with other foods, reduce Tailwind intake by the calories you’re consuming elsewhere to avoid overloading the gut. For shorter workouts (<2hr), you can use less Tailwind to taste.

All Natural and Organic Ingredients

Non-GMO Dextrose (Glucose), Non-GMO Sucrose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sea Salt, Organic Flavor, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Citrate, Calcium Carbonate

Gluten free/vegan/no soy/no dairy

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  1. No More Headaches! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2nd Dec 2016)

    Since I started drinking 12 ounces of Tailwind before running and another after I no longer get headaches after a run. I highly recommend the product.

  2. Fueling and Feeling Good 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2nd Dec 2016)

    I have been using Tailwind for a couple of years now. I rarely do a long run without it. If I go without it is only because I didn't reorder in time. In the past I would consistently have stomach issues at around 20 miles. Since starting to use Tailwind the stomach has become a non issue. This is good stuff.
    -Montana runner

  3. Orange you glad you got this product? 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 30th Nov 2016)

    Before Tailwind I was always wondering what I should bring to eat and drink on my bike rides. Never really finding the right combo of things I was introduced to Tailwind. I have been super happy with it and always bring it with me on my short and long bike rides. Thank you tailwind for your great products.

  4. A+++ their consistency of product makes it best 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 26th Nov 2016)

    No surprises, takes the trial and error out if this portion of the endurance training!

  5. The best fuel ever..... 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 23rd Nov 2016)

    It's simple!
    Tailwind will help you do your best....

  6. Tailwind Goes 100 miles! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 18th Nov 2016)

    I have been using Tailwind for about two years now with great results but it has passed my "ultimate" test. I recently completed my 1st 100-miler. It was made even more challenging by the near-record 93 degree heat during the event. I used Tailwind exclusively for nutrition and salt/electrolytes for the race. I was able to run strong all day with no stomach problems on a day where severe gastric distress was leading to a les than 50% finish rate. I can't think of a better test of Tailwind as the "do everything in one" solution to endurance activities.

  7. Works Great! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 13th Nov 2016)

    I used Tailwind for my recent Ironman and can't say enough good things about it. Very easy to use on the bike, gave me plenty of energy all day long, and no stomach or GI issues whatsoever.

  8. Awesome mix 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 10th Nov 2016)

    As described...easy on the gut and mixes well, great product!

  9. Best nutrition during run! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 7th Nov 2016)

    I have used Tailwind for over a year now and can't say enough good about it! Even switched my husband over to it. If you're looking for a good way to gain calories during your run, this is it!

  10. Truly all I need! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2nd Nov 2016)

    I recently ran my first 50k fueled 99% by Tailwind... it would have been 100% but being my first ultra marathon I ate a few bites of food just in case. The tiny bit of food I did try didn't go down well, so from now on I will stick with 100% Tailwind. I had no stomach issues & never hit the wall.
    Love the personalized customer service too!

  11. Great stuff 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 22nd Oct 2016)

    Tastes great. Easy on the stomach. Highly recommend!

  12. This is all I use!! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 18th Oct 2016)

    Love Tailwind! It's convenient....I just put it right in my water bottle. No sticky gels or beans. This is all natural and it is easy on the stomach. Always feel good running long runs or races with Tailwind. Flavor is good! Light, not overpowering.

  13. Tailwind gets me through 24hrs of Worlds Toughest Mudder 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 17th Oct 2016)

    I've been using Tailwind for about 18 months now and swear by it. I use it on long runs and mountain hikes in a hydration pack. I also use it at Worlds Toughest Mudder, a 24 hour event. I am almost exclusively using Tailwind for that event, last year it carried me through the entire 24hrs and I expect it will do the same this year. Love this product.

  14. Perfect blend 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 17th Oct 2016)

    This product is the perfect blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates. It is easy on the stomach, tastes great & can be used all day.

  15. Amazing Stuff! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 11th Oct 2016)

    I only wish I came across Tailwind earlier! Just ran my fist 1/2 marathon only using Tailwind and it was amazing! My endurance and energy levels during the race was incredible!

  16. Great product, no gut problems 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 11th Oct 2016)

    I have tried many products and am really enjoying tailwind, used in on long rides and up to OD triathlons, good taste, not too strong, looking forward to seeing how it holds up in longer distances but I think it will be great.

  17. Marked Difference in Long Run 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 5th Oct 2016)

    Tailwind was recommended to me by two coworkers who are currently training for a marathon. I finally gave in and tried it. What a huge difference in how I felt throughout the whole run. I won't do any more long training sessions without it. I can't wait to see how it feels in a race now.

  18. The Real Deal 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 5th Oct 2016)

    About a year ago I guess someone first suggested Tailwind to me. They make a pretty bold claim in terms of being the ONLY nutrition you need on a run. But about 90% of the time it's true. I've covered all manner of races up to 50 miles with just Tailwind. Even though I still typically supplement every run with some type of additional nutrition, it's nice to know I'm getting what I need if I'm disciplined about getting some Tailwind into my body. Tailwind for life.

  19. Sold! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 3rd Oct 2016)

    I am a large runner - 6'6 and 230. I sweat tremendously in the Virginia humidity especially during the summer months and it's tough finding the right balance of nutrition for my workouts. For years I have messed around with different hydration/fueling combinations to find something that worked for me. It took me a few long runs to figure out the right amount of Tailwind for my needs (7 scoops for a 70 liter pack) but once I did - WOW! I am sold. No more fumbling around with different types of gels and chews. I have tried 3 of the flavors, lemon, naked, and caffeinated Tropical buzz. They all taste great to me so I really don't have a preference. Just an amazing product! Highly recommended!

  20. Tailwind powered! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 3rd Oct 2016)

    I've been a tailwind user for almost two years now. Opening an order and seeing a personalized package and encouraging note is awesome! The sample packet they include is a great way to try a new flavor or pass on to a friend that has yet to experience Tailwind. It has fueled me on multiple endurance events!

  21. The Best ! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2nd Oct 2016)

    I have been using Tailwind for over 3 years now and it has proved to be the best endurance product available. I could not perform in races or train the way I do without it. I ride 500 miles per week average and race up to 1000 miles with Tailwind being my main nutritional source. Amazing product, thank you !

  22. no busque mas 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 27th Sep 2016)

    Hago MTB y me gusta hacer carreras de larga duración, (50 a 70 millas) comencé a usar Tailwind hace más de 2 años, al principio tenía algunas de dudas acerca de usar solo una forma de nutrición durante las carreras pero hasta ahora no he tenido ningún problema.
    Tailwind es un producto de excelente calidad


  23. Great Product! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 25th Sep 2016)

    I love the Mandarin Orange flavor-not too sweet, no lingering aftertaste! Highly recommended!

  24. A Must 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 24th Sep 2016)

    Great product and important part of my training and racing. Simplifies things and keeps you going for hours with no stomach issues. No need for anything else.

  25. Orange is a winner! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 21st Sep 2016)

    This product, this company is the best! I would still be choking down 2 gels an hour on long runs. I am grateful to just drink my fuel!

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