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Tailwind Endurance Fuel


Description and Reviews

All you need, all day. Really.

Tailwind mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

Supplemental Facts
  • Complete calories, electrolytes, and hydration: Ditch the gels, chews, and pills, and go all day with just Tailwind.
  • No gut bombs: Stomach problems? You’ll love Tailwind. Unless you enjoy being doubled over, retching.
  • Tasty all day: Clean, light flavors taste better the longer you go.
  • Hydration pack love: Dissolves on contact with water and cleans up with a quick rinse. No film, aftertaste or science experiments!
  • All natural: Crystal clear with no dyes, preservatives or 4-syllable magical ingredients.


Each serving is 100 calories. For endurance workouts, mix 2-3 scoops per 24 oz of water per hour. Adjust to your personal calorie needs during training, using hunger as a guide. When it’s dialed in, you’ll feel satisfied and energetic, not hungry or full. On hot days, keep the same calories per hour, but increase water. To use in combo with other foods, reduce Tailwind intake by the calories you’re consuming elsewhere to avoid overloading the gut. For shorter workouts (<2hr), you can use less Tailwind to taste.

All Natural and Organic Ingredients

Dextrose (Glucose), Sucrose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sea Salt, Organic Flavor, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Citrate, Calcium Carbonate

Gluten free/vegan/no soy/no dairy


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  1. Love the LIGHT taste!

    Posted by TNT Beckie on 24th Apr 2014

    Thank you Tailwind for providing a drink that has a very light taste! I got sick of the strong, artificial flavors found in other nutrition drinks while I trained for my triathlon. I found myself wondering if there was anyone out there who made a drink that had NO flavor. My coach told me about the Naked Unflavored Tailwind drink and I immediately checked it out online. I ordered the little samples of each flavor and loved the Naked flavor. It is close to tasting just like water, but has a little hint of flavor that is quite nice. I also loved the others because their flavors are really light! I ordered a bag of Naked and Berry to switch it up while I train. I am a very happy triathlete now and my race is next week! Tailwind will be represented out on the course of Wildflower!

  2. Good stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2014

    I don't like to eat solid fuel before or during a run, which makes it tough to fuel on long trail runs. Tailwind provides the fuel I need to go hour after hour without upsetting my stomach.

  3. Footsteps For The Fallen

    Posted by Tony Constanzo on 22nd Apr 2014

    Tailwind ROCKS!!!

    As any ultra runner we are always looking for that little extra something, did I ever find it with Tailwind! Also, next Oct 1st - 11th, 2015, I will be running 420 miles solo to honor all fallen firefighters in the State of Texas, Footsteps For The Fallen. I'm going to need all the help I can get staying fueled, and I know Tailwind is the right product to do just that!

  4. Goodbye Sticky Ridning Drinks!

    Posted by Dave on 22nd Apr 2014

    I have been using Tailwind Nutrition Drink for about 9 months and find it to be the best I have encountered relative to it's lack of stickiness, ease of digestion and balance of energy/electrolytes. Still use some gels or gummies on longer rides but much less frequently than before Tailwind.

  5. First time works great

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Apr 2014

    I ordered some of the Berry flavor to try it out. I was heading to Florida for a vacation. I thought it would be nice to have something to use that does not upset me and if possible allows me to skip the energy bars on a longer ride. To date I have tried various other sports drinks. Most are too sweet and are hard on my stomach. I have been riding 2-3 hours 2 times a day and so far this has been a pleasant experience. No upset stomach and no feeling I need to eat more. I will be heading out for some 4-6 hour rides later this week and will see how Tailwind performs. I pretty much believe it will work fine. Glad I gave it a try. I believe I will be a lifer as long as it is available.

  6. Dial it in as light or as strong as you need

    Posted by JC on 21st Apr 2014

    I've been using Tailwind products exclusively for a little over a year now and have been extremely pleased with their consistency and performance. I compete in all type of cycling events from short duration and high intensity crits to multiple racers on the National Ultra Endurance calendar.

    Tailwind has fueled me perfectly on each one of these events. With the easy ratio of 100 calories per scoop of mix, I can easily dial in the calories and hydration I need. Whether it is mixed in a bottle or hydration pack, the ratio is the same. I'll still supplement Tailwind with some solid rice bars made at home but I don't have to pack nearly as many for long races and all day events. Keep up the great work Tailwind!

  7. Solid

    Posted by Mike on 20th Apr 2014

    First off, I find the personalization of the packages a real attribute of your product. In my mind, it shows that you care about your customers. I appreciate it.

    Secondly, the product is phenomenal. I am currently utilizing the mandarin orange flavor and absolutely love it. Even after the bottle becomes warm it is tasty. My gut is usually pretty strong during events, but I still get the occasional gut-wrench feeling with gel packets. Not with this! Fantastic job, guys. Keep it up!

  8. Simply Amazing!!!

    Posted by Chad on 16th Apr 2014

    I've been using the caffeinated version and non-caffeinated version berry... I race the XC MTB endurance class (3+hours). I switched from my current drink so I could simplify my eating and drinking. I initially was afraid, because I tend to cramp easily and get bloated on the other protein endurance drinks. All I really have to say is this drink has been amazing. I don't have any bloating, cramping, stomach issues or anything! I no longer have to plan my gel's or shot blocks. no more thinking. Just mix my bottles and ride. I absolutely love this stuff!

    To top it all off... This company is amazing to order from and deal with! Super fast and even hand written cards (believe it or not... that went a really long way for me!)

    Thank You for being awesome and having a great product!


  9. No longer Doubting

    Posted by Missy on 16th Apr 2014

    I am always doubtful of taking any supplements for a run. Maybe scared of having a reaction or an upset stomach. My friends who have been doing some trail running instead of road running suggested I tried this on my long runs to keep me revived and wanting to go further, so I did reluctantly. Surprised by how good I felt I would not go on a long run with out it now. Thank you to my friends and also to Tailwind for such a great product, and customer service. When I received my package there was actually a hand written not thanking me for my order. You never see that anymore! VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER-Missy Buntrock

  10. Awesome Product

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2014

    I have used Tailwind on a 7 hour run and a 4 hour run. The product works great. Plenty of energy and zero stomach problems.

  11. This Really Works!

    Posted by Rob on 15th Apr 2014

    Put away your gels...put away your salt pills. Just fill up your bottle/bladder and run! I did a 20 mile run on a hilly course last weekend and only used Tailwind. Felt great the whole time. You may ask what's the catch here, but there is none. It simply works as advertised.

  12. It's the best!

    Posted by Brandon on 14th Apr 2014

    I compete in mountain bike endurance races and the convenience of every thing I need in my fluid intake is great. I run 5 scoops of berry in my 70oz hydro pack and 2 scoops of raspberry buzz in a 16 oz bottle. I take a big shot of buzz when I feel like I'm starting to fade and it gives me a little kick. I feel strong threw the entire race now with no bonks. I took 45 minutes off my pr from my last 50 mile race with training and tailwind. It's awesome.

  13. Love it

    Posted by Arcellus Sykes on 14th Apr 2014

    Had my first long run (3.5 hrs with over 4700' of elevation change) with Tailwind yesterday, and it worked out very well. I carried about 40oz of water in a bladder (which I refilled from streams & filtered with a SteriPen) with about 5 scoops in each fill. I experienced none of the highs & lows I associate with gels, the flavor never got sickening like gels, and it had no effect on my stomach regardless of effort level. I also love that I'm getting a 'drip' of nutrition throughout the run (I set my watch to remind me to take a sip every 10 minutes).

    I'm looking forward to taking Tailwind along on longer efforts in the near future. Love this stuff!

  14. Finally gave up solids

    Posted by Tm on 13th Apr 2014

    I ordered Tailwind a couple of months ago but was hesitant to drop all my solids so I slowly tapered the solids as I increased the Tailwind. Yesterday was my first long run without taking solids. (I still had some in my pouch just in case.) I made it through 22 miles with 3800' of climbing with nothing but Tailwind and it was awesome. The switch has ben made. Now it's time to get some new bottles that don't leak and a new hydration pack!

  15. Love this product

    Posted by Ryan on 11th Apr 2014

    I have tried about every electrolyte beverage/chew on the market. Though I have been somewhat satisfied with other products, I have continued in my search for a mix that can actually improve endurance. I found that Tailwind does just that. I recently went on a three day mountain biking trip to Fruita/Moab. Logging 40+ miles a day this was gonna be my big test of this product. I found that my endurance was significantly extended using Tailwind. Even at the end of my rides I didn't feel like I was dragging as I normally do. I mix 4 scoops of Tailwind into a 100oz bladder and thats good for 4-5 hours of riding. The taste is good, not overbearing or too sweet. I'm very satisfied with this product and would highly recommend to those who are looking for a mix that delivers what it claims.

  16. Consistent Energy

    Posted by Mike on 10th Apr 2014

    I've been training with Tailwind for the last several months, primarily on runs from 3-5 hours and I've noticed that my energy levels have been very consistent. I no longer have to worry about supplementing with gels or other pills, so now I can just enjoy the run and let Tailwind do all the work. I'm looking forward to putting it to the test in my next 50 miler.

  17. It's like water on steriods, but good for you steriods.

    Posted by Barbara Roman on 8th Apr 2014

    I am an avid trail runner and becoming an ultra runner. I'm really bad at carrying around food while running and tend to ignore it and that doesn't work out to well... Then I discovered Tailwind. A convenient and fast way to get what I need while running. The mandarin is my favorite flavor; it's not overpowering but it has a nice little taste to it. Lemon is alright, and berry is too strong for my liking. I do like the unflavored one as well. Other than that, this product is basically amazing when it comes to running and I don't go for my runs without it anymore. I can definitely feel the difference from not eating to using Tailwind.

    I just did my first trail 50k, and I basically ran with just Tailwind the whole time. Had a few tiny tiny snacks here and there, but majority of it was the Tailwind. I love this product and I will be purchasing more for my future runs and races. I don't know where I would be without it! :)

  18. I freaking love this stuff!

    Posted by Blake on 7th Apr 2014

    I currently train exclusively for trail marathon to shorter trail ultras (distances 50 miles and below) and I use Tailwind in my training and racing. So far, I have yet to experience any GI problems normally associated some sports drinks. The only problem I've ever had was an equipment malfunction at mile 3.5 of a very difficult trail marathon that resulted in the loss of nearly 70 ounces of liquid gold! Sad, sad day as I watched my Mandarin Orange TW seep into the forest floor, knowing that I was now subject to whatever I could get my hands on at the aid stations. Needless to say, without TW that day my performance was not what it could have been. But I digress. I love the product and am using it in a brutal 50K trail race this coming weekend.
    happy trails!

  19. Great Flavors, but seems too strong for 300cal/hr

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2014

    Love the flavors.

    But 3 scoops in a bottle seems too much. Not sure if it is because there is too much sodium/salts, but leaves me feeling thirsty on long rides. I backed off to 2 scoops per 20oz bottle and it's better, but comes up short on my goal of 300cal bottle.

    [Tailwind Response]: Thanks for your feedback! Tailwind does contain a full complement of electrolytes whereas most sports drinks only contain about 15% of what you really need. It definitely has a more "savory" taste instead of "sweet" taste. For higher concentrations (and for those who are highly sensitive to sodium), some of our customers who experience this same sensation decide to run with a separate bottle of just plain water to swish their mouth.

  20. Just recently bought it..

    Posted by Brian on 3rd Apr 2014

    Mild taste, similar to NUUN, but with the calories. Definitely no after taste or upset stomach to speak of! I will be testing it out in my next 50 miler!

  21. Coke you're on the bench, Tailwind suit up

    Posted by Andrea on 3rd Apr 2014

    I tried all the flavors out in training runs and Berry and Naked were faves. The Orange and Lemon did not keep well in my handheld and left a funny taste in my mouth. To use up the samples, I made chia fresca with the Orange and Lemon powder and it tasted like happiness.
    My nutrition strategy for ultras is “starve a cold, feed a fever, give an ultra ANYTHING it wants.” I eat whatever looks appealing in whatever quantities seem fulfilling. I’ve eaten everything from bacon pb&js to cupcakes to dried cantaloupe to gummy bears (sometimes all in the same race). I’m kind of a Fatty McFatterton at the aid stations and a few race photos have featured me running with doughnuts, pizza or bags of chips. So, I was very skeptical that Tailwind would provided everything needed for a day on the trails. I also hit major slumps and bonks during races and I crave Coke. Coke has been in my handhelds during more than one race.
    I ran a 50k last weekend and started with the Naked in my handheld for the first 16 miles then switched to Berry for miles 17-31. At the drop bag location (mile 16) I downed about 5oz of orange/lemon chia fresca. I noticed during the race that my energy stayed steady and consistent. As far as food, I ate to taste and hunger but wound up eating a lot less than usual. Total food consumption was ½ a cherry lime Roctane GU, Ruffles chips and a few sips of Coke (instead of a few cans). Most surprisingly, I did not crave that "jolt" from a coke because I felt energized the entire race.
    Bottom line: I still needed snacks and craved something salty but Tailwind is definitely all I want in my handheld. My energy was steady and I didn't experience low points or crave sugary jolts. This is a great product and I'm excited to see how it holds up for the rest of my race season. Final question: Is it possible to make a Coke flavor? I would be so into that.

  22. Tastes great & works.

    Posted by Dolores on 2nd Apr 2014

    I've used this in 3 tough runs 19-25 miles. My muscles didn't cramp & it kept me hydrated. I'll keep using this drink.

  23. The boost I needed

    Posted by MJ on 2nd Apr 2014

    Tailwind added the pep i needed to get me over the hump. My energy was high and I was able to run longer with much better endurance. I use the the caffeinated powder on days when I'm tired for long runs. I will definitely continue to use and recommend Tailwind.

  24. My favorite!

    Posted by Eric on 1st Apr 2014

    Used 2 scoops in 20 oz. water between aid stations at The Prairie Spirit 50 last Saturday with minimal food and felt great never got tired of the taste. I have no reason to experiment with anything else as this has worked for me better than anything i have used.

  25. My best double century performance ever!

    Posted by Debra on 29th Mar 2014

    I went into the double with no experience with TWN; so was taking it on faith that my usual gastro distress would be reduced. Tailwind performed better than I ever hoped, and so did I! I slightly underestimated my hourly caloric needs, so ended up eating bananas along the way; but no tummy ache and was able to eat a normal meal after . . . for the first time in ages. Now I can plan more long cycling events and fine tune my caloric intake.

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