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Tailwind Challenge


Description and Reviews

Take the Tailwind Challenge!

If you don't love it, we pay your entry fee.*

It's simple: if Tailwind doesn't make you stronger, happier, and less stressed during training and at your next event, we'll pay your entry fee.

Supplemental Facts

Just order the Tailwind Challenge pack - four large bags bundled at 10% off - train with it, race with it, and if it doesn't blow you away, mail us your race entry fee receipt for a refund.

*The fine print: You knew there'd be some! Entry fee reimbursement is limited to $150 maximum, and you must start the event to be eligible for reimbursement.

If Tailwind just didn't do it for you, we'd like to hear about it:

Send a little description of your experience along with your entry fee receipt and evidence that you started the event, and we'll cut you a check.


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  1. 3rd Season on Tailwind

    Posted by Ed C on 22nd Apr 2015

    Had to replenish my supply of Tailwind because my children are now drinking Tailwind at their Soccer, LAX and Trail Running events. It is the only sports drink in the house that the children enjoy and ask for. Their favorites flavors are Madeira Orange and Lemon. I enjoy them all.

    I had to order a few new bottles because the children grabbed mine.

    Luckily, they aren't big enough for my Large Tailwind Technical Tee. ;)

  2. Diggin' the 'wind

    Posted by Ed on 7th Apr 2015

    Have been using this product for several months now. Started with the packets, got a big bag, then just did the challenge. Using it for both road and mtb. Tastes great and little to no GI issues compared to any other product I've tried (Hammer, 1st endurance, Gu, Clif, gatorade). Been able to gradually wean down nutrition extras such as gels, blocks, bars and yet keep same tempo I'm used to. Performs well for long distances and short efforts. Have been able to go 3-4 hrs so far with just Tailwind which is a big change. Can't wait to step up to the big challenge of Big Frog mtb race and put Tailwind to the test!! Will get 5 stars if it delivers!

  3. Amazing product

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2015

    I used Tailwind for my first full marathon two weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I used a total of 10 scoops divided between two 24 oz bottles. After consuming half of each bottle, I refilled with water to dilute. I still had energy to burn at the end of the race. I sipped the mixture throughout the race for a steady stream of calories and energy. I really like the fact I never had stomach issues or energy dump like I use to get with gels and chews. I'm very happy I found Tailwind and will be using it again for a 50k in May. I highly recommend Tailwind for anyone participating in endurance events.

  4. No more poop!!!

    Posted by Marcia on 9th Mar 2015

    And I seriously mean that!! I've had so many GI issues with other products so that was the main reason why I wanted to give this a shot! So I recently just purchased this and really didn't get a chance to work this into my training plan for my 50k this past weekend (my intention was to use this as fueling for my 50 miler towards the end of the year) But I figure, you know what, what the heck, I might as well use it this weekend. If if didn't work for this weekend's race, then well, you know.........Luckily, I had no issues with it at all. Well as far as my stomach goes. I went ahead and mixed a super concentrated mix in my front pack and then a "normal" mix in my bladder. My plan was to sip from my bladder and then take a sip from the concentrated mix every time I felt like I needed a little more. It worked for the most part. I did make one mistake during the race, I didn't eat anything. I still have a lot of work to do in figuring out how many calories to take in during and most likely didn't take enough calories in prior to the race. But overall, my stomach was not upset and that is what I wanted to accomplish!! Thanks so much!!!

  5. Best Value and Opportunity to put it to the test

    Posted by John Longan on 26th Feb 2015

    I ordered the sample pack based on the opinions of many Ultra running friends and mentors. The Challenge only made sense with my upcoming first 100 mile race 6 weeks coming. So far so good, training hard and Tailwind is making the cut. Balancing the most intense training I have done to date, with a career, 5 young children and a wife with a career. Tailwind keeps my body hydrated without a bunch of how much/how long/what is my intake, etc. Same with electolytes, and no serious burnout or exhaustion crash. I can run long, goto work or vice versa and still feel level and sleeping better as well. Tailwind is the product that certainly I have needed for some time. No remembering to take tabs every hour, ounces per hour and taste is excellent..and did I mention it mixes instantly with water...there is a product that starts with H that I am not sure How to make it dissolve. A+++ Tailwind.

  6. Review on Tailwind

    Posted by Abi on 18th Feb 2015

    I have tried numerous products as part of endurance events and somehow something was always missing. Either I had to carry a three to four supplements to ensure that I am properly fuelled, finding a way mix them at the checkpoints, or getting sick of having them during an event. In comes Tailwind (TW), excellent product. A All-in-One solution that now cuts down my time to think how I am going to mix them, providing me with sufficient calories on the go, fuelling my needs for sodium and energy. An excellent and well thought through product.
    Well done.

  7. So Now What Do I Do With the Other Mixes in My Pantry?!

    Posted by Jake on 26th Jan 2015

    I haven't used Tailwind for any run longer than 5 hours yet, but it's performed ideally for me in that context. No stomach problems, no bonking, no getting tired of the taste, no feeling woozy from blood sugar spikes/crashes, and no problems taking in 200-250 calories every hour.

    The biggest problem is that I still have four containers of various other sports drink mixes in my pantry, and I'm going to struggle to use them up -- I know they aren't as effective at keeping my energy levels constant after 2-3 hours of exercise, and they now taste overly sweet to me.

    I've also used Tailwind on the job when I don't really have time to eat anything solid, but can keep a bottle nearby to sip. The taste is a little weird when I'm drinking it but not working out, but it's certainly not bad (and that's not what the product is intended for anyway!)

  8. Working the Tailwind Challenge

    Posted by Mike on 14th Jan 2015

    I am just getting my preseason going now so I have only been using Tailwinds for a few weeks, but I can already see results on the bike.As my training ramps up I am glad to be only needing one thing to fuel and hydrate. Thanks Tailwinds

  9. Best Hydration Product Ever

    Posted by Davis Gunderson on 20th Dec 2014

    I have always struggled with finding a electrolyte drink that works, much less tastes good. I am a distance runner and tailwind provides both the energy and the electrolytes I need. Even better, it is clean, tastes good, and is a great value. An amazing product.

    Tailwind also has great customer service and they get their orders out quickly and have the personal touch of a small company. I am definitely a customer for life and would recommend Tailwind to anyone.

  10. Finally no stomach upset!!

    Posted by JCarlin on 18th Dec 2014

    I have tried many products over the years and they all upset my stomach, especially on long runs. Being allergic to wheat and dairy, it can be difficult to find products I like that are gluten and dairy free. I like the taste of the all the flavors I've tried (haven't tried the caffeinated, yet) especially when mixed half and half with the naked flavor. Usually by the end of a 20 mile run, I'm really sick of my drink! Quite the opposite with Tailwind!! I like how easily it dissolves in water. I fill a smaller bottle with a concentrated mix to refill my bottles at water stops and it works great!! I've had plenty of energy through the end of my long run and am interested to see the results on +20 mile runs. This is by far my favorite product since I started training for ultras :))))))))

  11. All-in-one ease

    Posted by Dana on 26th Nov 2014

    I recently used this on a 50K trail run. It's a looped course that has runners come back to a "home base" 6 times before the finish. This product worked perfectly. I had it mixed up in a couple of larger bottles and refilled my hand held water bottle every loop (which took about an hour each). I had ZERO issues with my stomach, I felt very well fueled the whole time, and since the fuel is in the hydration I was also very hydrated (with electrolytes). I LOVE that I didn't have to think about when to eat and when to take any electrolyte capsules. I had a couple of flavors mixed up and found that I still liked the taste at the end of the race (unlike other drink mixes I've used in the past that I couldn't stomach the thought of).

    The ONLY two reasons I gave it a 4 were that I really do not like taking in that much sugar in a day. But I can't argue with the fact that it worked and I didn't have stomach distress, so that thought is just me being sugar-phobic! The main reason is that it's not going to be easy to use this product in a couple of races I have coming up--a marathon and a 50K that doesn't loop back to a home base ever. I still haven't figured out how I will carry all the powder. I should be able to get water from the aide stations, but all the powder I will need will be difficult to pack on my body. I'd like to see this in some kind of bock form but there is probably still not a way to make the volume any different than what it is?

    Over all I like this product and will likely continue to use it.

    [Tailwind Response]: Hi Dana, Thanks for your feedback. I've combined some posts on carrying Tailwind during a race. It seems like it's the number one question coming into info@tailwindnutrition.com!

    *Use pre-measured baggies. This way, when you get to an aid station, you just dump the bag in your water bottle and fill with water. You want to pay close attention to your caloric intake/hour so try to stay as close to the "x amount of calories"/hour that you've dialed in during your training.
    There are other options to baggies that our Facebook community talked about here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=422448961180050&set=pb.144378145653801.-2207520000.1393087258.&type=3&theater

    *Run with a small bottle with Tailwind mixed up as a syrup. When you get to your aid station, just squirt the amount in that you'll need. So, if you are filling water bottles or a hydration pack at the aid station, you'll want to just put in "x" ounces of your syrup into your bottle/hydration pack and then fill with water. This was proposed in our Facebook community here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=584418211649790&set=a.278015018956779.63288.144378145653801&type=1&theater

    *Finally, run Tailwind as a gel. Caleb Masland, a coach, uses this approach along with his Team Wicked Bonkproof members. You can find the post here, http://www.coachcaleb.com/training/tips/daily-coaching-tip-mix-your-own-race-calorie-solution, but I also cut and pasted it below. The key thing to remember is that if you are running Tailwind at a higher concentration, then you need to keep up on your water intake. As a datapoint, each 100 calorie gel requires about 12oz of water to digest it. If you don't keep up the water, you run the risk of dehydration since your GI system will literally suck water from your body to digest those calories. This can lead to stomach ills and why so many people run into problems with gels.

    Step 1: Ignore the Package Directions. For a race situation, you want to carry as little as possible. Once you have determined how much fuel you need (based on experimentation during long runs of various intensity), you want to get that into the smallest package possible. I need about 500 calories for a marathon, and if I were to follow the directions on the package, I would need to carry 2 big handheld bottles. Instead, I mix the solution much stronger, and put 500 calories into 2 6-oz. plastic flasks, which I can carry with my Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Gloves.

    Step 2: Switch to a "Little Sips, More Often" Intake Approach. I promise that you will find it easier on your stomach to use this approach, but you need to get used to doing it. During a marathon, I take a little sip right after hitting the lap button for each mile. Then, I supplement with water on course since I mixed the solution stronger than package directions. The biggest risk with this approach is getting behind on caloric intake, so you need a system to follow

  12. Not Well Suited for Obstacle Racing

    Posted by Sunny J Kim on 8th Oct 2014

    Sunny Kim, racket sports professional since 1992, and co-author of Badminton Today (2001) here with my review of the Tailwind Challenge. For trail runs and OCRs (Obstacle Course Races) I have traded in my tennis whites and court shoes for a hydration pack and a closet full of trail, mud, and fellrunning shoes. On my long runs and running races I typically carry nuun tablets, thermolyte metasalt, energy bars, and gu/gels. BTW, I weight 140 pounds and am a former US National Team Badminton Athlete and California Collegiate Tennis Champion - I am more aware than the average sports participant of fuel, nutrition, electrolyte, and hydration needs of active people.

    I caught the OCR bug in January 2014 and was well en route to the Spartan Race Triple Trifecta. The opportunity to complete all three Spartan Races (Beast + Super + Sprint) came up for the very first time last weekend in Cumberland, OH and I booked a ticket.

    My research revealed that it would be a 24+ mile trail run with at least 70 obstacles in a ~12 hour timeperiod. Spartan Races offer no nutrition on the race course. There were two opportunities to pit stop and access gear/nutrition and there were enforced time cutoffs to get the Super and Sprint timing chips across the start line. Given my training volume and race performance, I was confident that if I had the right fuel and gear and stayed uninjured, the Trifecta-in-a-day would be mine. I was looking for a more portable and complete nutrition system - an internet search led me to TailWind. If I didn't have to carry tubes of nuun and pockets full of bars and gels, I could breeze through 10-12 hours of obstacle racing, no problem!

    Tailwind recommended 2.5 scoops per two hour workout. I began racing at 8:30AM and finished the Super (the second race) shortly after 8PM. I consumed 10 scoops during the Beast (14 miles, 27 obstacles). I was unusually hungry after the first lap and scarfed down 3 bananas and 3 Builders Bars while I changed into clothes and dry gear for the Super.

    After an hour of uncontrollable shivering, chattering, and pain in my feet, knees, shoulders, elbows, and fingers, I was able to control my upper body sufficiently to apply the Super timing chip on my wrist and head out for a 12 mile, 25 obstacle loop - which took longer than the 14 mile race.

    I consumed another 7.5 (maybe only 6, because of product shrinkage due to RealWind) during this 5 hour "wog" through the mucky and hilly trails of Ohio. By mile 8 I was famished and cadged one sport beans and three gu packets from fellow racers. Due to darkness, some of the final obstacles were thankfully canceled on the Super loop. I arrived at the pit stop too late to begin the third Sprint Race. Rather than stay in the festival for photos, I quickly changed clothes, went straight for my car, and stopped at the first two restaurants I found to eat an ungodly amount of soup, chili, and chicken.

    Last Saturday's OH Spartan racing experience was challenging, cold, and suboptimal. Tailwind Nutrition was a very poor choice, relative to the easy to ingest and highly portable/compact products I normally use in these races, for the following reasons:
    1, Powder form blows away easily in windy conditions
    2. Powder form in hydrapak does not evenly dissolve
    3. Powder form does not mix as quickly as does nuun
    4. Powder form (when not in hydrapak) is a difficult product to carry, especially when crawling, climbing, carrying, etc. in an OCR
    5. Powder form (loose) requires mega-plastic bagging with duct tape to ensure waterproofing which is enviromentally wasteful.
    6. Two and a half scoops per hour or running was not nearly enough for the caloric demands of OCR

    [Tailwind Response]: Thanks for your feedback. You are absolutely correct in your review…you weren't taking in nearly enough calories to sustain you during you Spartan Race Trifecta, and were probably underfueling from the very beginning. Tailwind's recommendation is 250 calories/hour NOT 250 calories/2 hours. According to your review, this was your Tailwind caloric consumption:

    Part 1:
    10 scoops of Tailwind = 1000 calories
    11.5 hours of racing = 86.9 calories/hour

    Part 2:
    6 scoops of Tailwind = 600 calories
    5 hours of racing = 120 calories/hour

    Clearly, you were not taking in enough calories per hour of Tailwind and your performance suffered as a result. With respect to Tailwind being in a powder format, we have many athletes running Tailwind in a highly concentrated form, and supplementing with adequate water intake for situations such as yours.

    Again, I am sorry that Tailwind didn't work for you and it sounds like you have a system that works for you (which is great). We have had other athletes use Tailwind in OCR with great results by following the recommended caloric consumption rate per hour (most recently at the Spartan World Championships). We are happy to work with you to help you dial in Tailwind correctly for your needs. Thanks!

  13. Tailwind delivers

    Posted by Jorge on 7th Oct 2014

    Besides using Tailwind to power training runs, I have used it to fuel my races as well. I have had very positive results on both a rugged trail Half Marathon and an equally tough 50K trail race. I had plenty of energy, no bloating or cramping / dehydration and most important no acid reflux after the events either.

    Excellent product and FANTASTIC Customer Service, I do highly recommend Tailwind!!!

  14. All I needed for my first ultra,

    Posted by Rivers Ludden on 3rd Oct 2014

    I took the tailwind challenge, and began my training for the Georgia Jewel 35 Mile race in Dalton, GA. It was a grueling race with unrelenting hills and technical trails. I took the tailwind in my bottles and carried nothing else. I was set. I had no nutrition or hydration issues. The taste on the flavored mixes is just enough to exist but not get in the way. My only regret is that I ran out of the Berry flavor because i trained with that one alot...

  15. Awesome

    Posted by G on 24th Sep 2014


  16. Great product :)

    Posted by Frayah on 3rd Sep 2014

    I really have been enjoying using these products. I have yet to use them in a race but will be using tailwind at Sawtooth100 on Friday. I like how it keeps my energy leveled, that is a huge benefit for running. I plan on continuing this product.

  17. Awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Aug 2014

    I had a bad experience last year at Pikes Peak Marathon relying on Gatorade, GU, and water - bonked at mile 22. I felt like a hospital case at the end. This year I used Tailwind exclusively - roughly 1 stick pack/hour - with one of the Tailwind bottles. I shaved 24 minutes off my time, under identical weather conditions, and finished strong.

  18. Great taste and it keeps me fueled

    Posted by Jeff on 22nd Aug 2014

    After trying a friend's Tailwind I decided to order my own. The taste is great and it mixes up easily. I used to be loyal to another fueling product but it seemed chalky and would sometimes stain my clothing. Tailwind allowed me to ditch the gu and bars I'd carry on long runs. Since switching to Tailwind I haven't had a cramp or hit any walls. I love it.

  19. all good!

    Posted by dave Walston on 20th Aug 2014

    Ive used this product for about 2 years now . Its great stuff, blows away every thing else I have used and so easy to take on calories while riding off road.

  20. Fantastic product!

    Posted by Kathy on 30th Jul 2014

    I am loving Tailwind. I'm still a new user and a novice runner but here is what I like so far... The flavor is very light. I don't feel like I am drinking koolaid. It also dissolves completely and there is no residue or weird texture. It is lightly flavored water that makes me feel good in spite of the crazy heat in Oklahoma. I'm looking forward to getting more dialed in on this stuff. Its great!

  21. Caffeinated keeps me kicking!

    Posted by Tex on 30th Jul 2014

    I might be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fan of Tailwind... juiced or not! Down 36 pounds to a mere 194, I still might literally be the biggest ground pounder putting in endurance miles every week. I can thank the Persian Gulf War for the physical changes, but I thank Tailwind for the fuel that allows me to log mile after mile. It's hands down the absolute best product that I've ever used, and I've used a great many doing testing and writing reviews. I tweak my Tailwind mix with some bodybuilding workout booster because I also deal with chronic fatigue and let's be honest, mind-over-matter works, but it only gets you so far... but the bottom line is, Tailwind is the first product to come along that succeeds in every way and helps me achieve what I need and want to achieve with great taste, a nice little caffeine flow AND NO GUT BOMBS! The truth is, I can drink this stuff like kids drink ice cold Kool-Aid on a hot summer day... while I'm logging miles! It tastes that good and works that well - so my battle is with pacing my hydration properly... but no longer worrying about proper refueling. Tailwind really is all I need... All Day, Every Day!

  22. The best product out there for long efforts

    Posted by Todd on 24th Jul 2014

    I have been using Tailwind for about 5 months and LOVE it. Everything from 20 mile training runs to 50K, 40Mile and 100 mile races. i was skeptical about only fueling with this for 100 miles. No solid food for 27 hours seems backwards from what you hear about fueling for ultras. My stomach has always given me fits even in a 50K. Since fueling with Tailwind exclusively I have not had stomach issues, no leg cramps, etc. I used 3 different flavors while running Bryce 100 in June of this year. I was consuming about 20 ounces of water with 2-3 scoops or 200-300 calories an hour. If I felt hungry I would bump the calorie intake from 200-300 for my next bottle and the hunger went away. I didn't need and salt tablets, gels or food. I was amazed, after running for 27 hours I felt like I fueld nearly perfect for this race. Their customer service is awesome too. They gave me a ton of information regarding fuelling for 100 miles at elevation and in the heat. It paid off with my best finish ever for this mid packer.

  23. Well worth it so far

    Posted by Brad on 15th Jul 2014

    I bought the small tester packs and then ordered the challenge pack. I have used this in training on runs up to 30 miles. The last was 30 miles of the Hardrock 100 course where I was sweeping. My tests so far are very positive. I am planning on one final test, a 50 mile race in a little less than 2 weeks. If this test goes well, I plan on using Tailwind for Fat Dog 100 (120 miles) in August. Relying only on powder for food/electrolytes is a lot less effort than all of the food I used to carry.

    So far I have found my energy levels seem higher later in hard training runs with no upset stomach. The 50 mile race will be the major test and I will update after I complete the race.

  24. Excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2014

    Tailwind is an amazing product. It is easy to mix, doesn't leave a residue in your water bottle, it's very tasty, and it's easy in the stomach. It works great for both short and long rides.

  25. Great product!

    Posted by Lee Johnson on 25th Jun 2014

    I probably use this mix differently than most, because I eat a lot of my calories, using this mix to add electrolytes and flavor to my water as much as carbs. For every hour of an endurance race or ride, I'll drink 100-200 calories with Tailwind (depending on temps) and I'll eat about the same amount of calories in the form of homemade treats like rice cakes, small pies, and little sandwiches.
    For that use, this product rocks. The flavor is just spot on. I have lemon, orange, berry, and unflavored. My fav is the lemon; it really tastes like you put a slice of lemon in the bottle, nothing else, just a light clean flavor. Ability to digest is great, no stomach problems at all; dissolves really well; any spills or empty bottles are really easy to clean up. Also, the service is great. I highly recommend.
    For a nice treat, I use the unflavored with herbal tea mixes like a hibiscus and citrus infusion, or licorice and ginseng powders, and that is my favorite night ride drink.

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